Comparing 2 "Scandals"


Paul Manafort’s sentence gets longer. Still nowhere near the 19-24 years sought by prosecutors. Compare & contrast Russian Collusion investigation with investigation into Hillary’s violation of national security laws. Lisa Page testimony transcripts released. Abuse. Restriction of government power in our legal system. Witch hunt. Pardon for Manafort? Dan Abrams says “yes, in November 2020.” Finally - a breastfeeding device for men! New website launching soon!

Pelosi "Not For Impeachment"


Nancy Pelosi is “not for impeachment.” Political calculations from a seasoned politician. The analysis and thought process. Politics, optics all that matters. Deep divisions between radicals and leaders in Democrat Party. American people not in favor of impeachment. Question from a listener (Shawn) about abortion & guns.

South by Southwest Lunacy


President Trump using my nickname for Bernie Sanders. Political speech requires that we have verbal communication tools to discuss ideas. Conservative not bitter. South by Southwest Festival. Craziness on display. Socialism, Socialism, Socialism. AOC. Capitalism is “irredeemable?” Socialism will be on the ballot — at least during the Democrat Primary.

Justice vs Vengeance


Paul Manafort sentenced to only 47 months, despite recommendation from prosecutors that he be given 19-24 years. Left erupts. Vengeance vs Justice. Protests. Walk-outs. UK ‘birthstrike.’ Students to protest about lack of action regarding climate change on Friday, March 15. Or maybe it’s a 3-day weekend? Only 11 years left to act. Gratitude.

Radical Uprising


Democrat Leadership and “old school” Democrats engaged in battle with new radical Socialists who are taking control of the Party. Anti-Semitism. Anti-Israel. Anti-American. Impeachment. Socialism. Misspeaking. Trump is trying to delegitimize the 2020 election, according to Chris Cillizza. Sad day in the studio as I’ve learned that Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O’Malley will not be running for president in 2020.