Tired of the tirades? Sick of the sycophants?

join the conservative, not bitter party

Conservative, Not Bitter

Conservatism is greatly misunderstood. 

Way too many think Conservatives are angry. Racist. Sexist. Bigoted. Bitter.

And while some ultra-Leftists eagerly lob these verbal hand grenades, hoping to inflict damage on the Conservative brand, many other Americans are simply confused. 

These confused Americans can be persuaded - if we properly engage and communicate with them. 

So if you're tired of the tirades and sick of the sycophants, let me invite you to join the Party - the Conservative Not Bitter Party. 

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Conservative, Not Bitter Party Membership Package: $69.95/yr

Membership includes:

  • Official Membership Card & Certificate to the Conservative, Not Bitter Party

  • Access to Overtime - Todd's daily bonus show content

  • A Todd Huff Radio hat

  • A personal, handwritten note from Todd

  • One Nation Under God: Defending America’s Christian Heritage (while supplies last)

  • 20% discount on official Todd Huff Radio merchandise in the Members Only Store

  • Todd’s Semi-Sweet Morsels email newsletter subscription

  • An invitation to our exclusive, members-only Facebook group (coming soon)