Ways to listen to the show

Here are 5 ways you can listen to the program:

1. Listen LIVE 


You can listen to Todd Huff Radio LIVE weekdays at 6am Eastern (EDT) in the following 2 ways: 

  1. On the radio
    • 95.9 FM Franklin/Indianapolis
    • 950 AM Franklin/Indianapolis
  2. On a live TuneIn station (below)
    *Note: The Freedom 95 TuneIn station currently plays The Todd Huff Radio Show LIVE at 6am EDT. The Todd Huff Radio TuneIn station does not currently play the show live, but it will in the near future. You can listen to the most current episode of The Todd Huff Show anytime on The Todd Huff Radio TuneIn station below.

Want to call-in to our show? Call 317-455-5250 between 6am-7am EDT for your chance to be on-the-air with Todd!

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2. Receive Episodes by Email

Want to have Todd's show delivered each day to your inbox like clockwork? No problem. Simply enter your email address below and get Todd's show emailed to you. (Please note you must enter your email address below in order to get Todd's show emailed to you. Subscribing to our email newsletter does not include shows emailed to you daily.)


3. Subscribe to the Toddcast


Listen to Todd's show any time on-demand by subscribing to his podcast (what we call a Toddcast) on any of the channels below:

  1. Subscribe on iTunes
  2. Subscribe on TuneIn
  3. Subscribe on Stitcher

Not sure how to do this? We explain here. 

4. Listen Online & On-Demand

You can listen to any of our episodes, anytime simply by clicking on an episode below. We have episodes that go all the way back to August 10, 2015. And new episodes usually post by 9am weekdays. So you can visit this page anytime and listen to any episode in our archives. 

5. Listen on Our Facebook Page


Some people like to listen to our show through Facebook. A word of caution, though: since Facebook has it's own algorithms, there is no way to guarantee that our daily show post will appear in your Facebook feed. But if you still want to try it, be sure to like our page below and look for the post at 9am weekdays.